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Founded in 2006, Symega is in the business of developing and manufacturing food ingredients and blended seasonings for the food processing industry. Though focused on India, Symega also caters to the food processing industries globally. With a reputation in the market for quick response, flexibility and sound working relationships with customers, Symega is synonymous with food ingredients. Our Total Quality Management systems ensure product quality and food safety with constant attention on product improvement.

Over the years, Symega has been able to establish a strong position in the food ingredients business owing to a stable foundation built on the following attributes:

Strong customer relationships

Dedicated and responsive customer support

Innovative Research and Development programmes

Fully integrated manufacturing processes

Proficient and vibrant team

International food certifications

Our History

Every company has a history that validates its presence in the industry it thrives. We at Symega have a simple one. We have always strived to improve the taste consciousness of the consumers through our continuous innovation and quality product varieties. Right from the year 2006, when the company was founded, we consciously and deliberately strived to broaden the taste spectrum of our valued customers.

A gradual but steady expansion of infrastructure along with innovative product lines has ensured that Symega has kept in tune with the changing trends of the industry.

Symega Values

Company Founded


ISO 9001 – 2001


Factory opening & go live with SAP R/3


Started Private Label operations




HVP & HYPs, Bio-tech Cheese and Top Notes


BRC Certification


Process Flavours




Capacity Expansion Programme


Delhi Sales Office & Depot


Capacity Expansion


New Culinary Plant Commissioned


BRC A++ Certification


Capacity Expansion

Manufacturing Taste

SYMEGA’s production facility subscribes to the highest GMP standards and food safety norms in the industry certified by internationally acclaimed audit bodies. Modern warehousing and environment controlled blending and packing processes ensure adherence to these high standards.

Online and offline metal detectors, sieving stations, check wares, temperature and humidity controlled blending and packing stations manned by technically competent and trained team guided by a stringent manufacturing protocol in the production floor ensure food safety and quality.

The production facility has a capacity of 10,000 tpa supported by an ambient temperature-controlled warehouse of 240 tons capacity and a cold room facility to accommodate 2000 tons of raw materials.

This facilitates procurement of spices during the harvest season and on time deliveries to production. All process machinery and equipment are SS 316 grade and of GMP design and construction. Packing options range from 3 g sachets to 30 kg bulk packs.

Seasoning Manufacturing Process of SYMEGA Kolenchery Kerala

Our Values


What is a structure without a strong foundation! Similarly, a company flourishes with strong values and ideology. Our cornerstones of success are our value:-

  1. Innovation – Continuous innovation to deliver unique products.
  2. Quality – Access to finest quality products.
  3. Science – Every mouthful of food has a bit of science behind it and we prove it with our range of products.
  4. Passion – Put our heart out in what we do.

Our Commitment

As responsible citizens of the planet, we at Symega take our environmental sustainability and responsibility seriously. We are committed to maintaining and improving our product quality and food safety standards. We conduct our business in a manner that is in tune with nature and has no irreversible impact on the environment. All our processes are designed to deliver products with minimum to zero environmental impact. We take this seriously and ensure that all our patrons are made aware of our commitment to our environment.

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