Food Safety & Quality

A company is defined not just by its products but rather by the Quality of these products. Symega has continuously endeavored to innovate and educate our patrons when it comes to taste. But at Symega, we have been adamant in ensuring that this innovation does not come at the cost of Quality.

It has been a continuous exercise to ensure stringent quality control at all stage of development and production. This means procuring the finest of raw materials, ensuring their processing is conducted in the right manner and under the safest of conditions and finally checking the end product to ensure that it meets all the food safety parameters.

Our quality control systems such as HACCP and BRC systems ensure that the food produced within our premises meet all safety and quality guidelines. We pride ourselves in our quality and want to ensure that all products that leave our premises are of the highest quality. We may only be a cog in the machine of the food industry giants, but we want to make sure that our contribution is one of topmost quality. At the end of the day, quality triumphs over every other element.

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Quality & Food Safety Policy

Symega Food Ingredients Ltd (formerly Savoury Savoury Technology Ltd) will work to the delight of all its stakeholders by offering food ingredients such as Savoury Seasonings, Flavours, Private Labelled Products and other Speciality products to the national and international marketplace. We define quality in terms of consistent conformance of the product and service to our partner’s expectations.

We believe that customer satisfaction is the result of a balanced system which delivers on thorough customer understanding, ensures rapid action with an uncompromised approach to quality and food safety for a profitable growth of the organisation.

Our process do provide products which are manufactured utilising latest food safety standards, highest standards of occupational health, safety and environmental protection and meet all legal, statutory and food safety norms in our selected markets.

In a competitive environment, continual improving of our systems, creating innovative ideas, and advocating relationships will not only guarantee sustainability but also will add value to our customers.

Symega Savoury Quality Certifications