We switch on the television and automatically reach for our snack bowl. It’s instinctive and almost natural. Imagine munching on bland potato slices or plain boiled chick-peas…boring? Of course it is!

That’s where we come in; at Symega, we give you wide range of snack seasonings that will raise your snack game to a whole new level. With popular seasonings to adventurous seasonings, we are all in.

Our snack seasonings are bound to excite the taste buds of snackers of all ages. New and creative tastes or a fusion of flavours find applications in potato chips, wafers, extruded products, fryums and baked snacks.

The all-time favourites are tomato, masala, cheese, cream ‘n’ onion, pudina, jalapeno, sweet chilly, salt ‘n’ vinegar and hot ‘n’ sour.

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